CMMR 2021 Scientific Program

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Keynote Lecture: Music in the AI era
  Shuji Hashimoto

   Professor Emeritus and Research Advisor, Waseda University

   (Chair: Keiji Hirata)

Sponsor Session: Music Informatics Research at Yamaha Corporation
   Akira Maezawa


   (Chair: Keiji Hirata)

Interactive Systems for Music (Chair: Satoru Fukayama)

Introduction to accepted musical works by the authors (Chair: Shintaro Imai)

The musical works themselves are avialable on YouTube. Their list is available here.

Music Information Retrieval and Modeling (Chair: Katsutoshi Itoyama)

Audio Signal Processing (Chair: Shinji Sako)

Music Analysis (Chair: Shinji Sako)

17th PM

Music Analysis (Chair: Eita Nakamura)

Invited Lecture: Developing Artist-centric Technology
  Gaëtan Hadjeres

   Sony CSL Paris Music Team

   (Chair: Satoshi Tojo)

Music Information Retrieval and Modeling (Chair: Masatoshi Hamanaka)

Invited Lecture: Models for Symbol Emergence based on Real-World Sensory-motor Information and Communication
  Tadahiro Taniguchi

   Professor, College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University

   (Chair: Keiji Hirata)

Audio Signal Processing and Performance Modeling (Chair: Mitsuko Aramaki)

AI, ML, and Electroacoustics for Music Production (Chair: Akira Maezawa)

Music Database and Ontology (Chair: Satoshi Tojo)